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Guitar 2 Guitar

This is an online service where Guitarists from beginner to intermediate can get expert guidance in order to develop as musicians.  Download lessons from Beginner to Intermediate in Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz or Classical styles and learn at your own pace.  Each lesson comes with notes, written music, TAB and audio examples to help you to learn to play.

You will be in e-mail contact with a professional teacher to ask questions about the lessons that you are following. A Skype lesson can also be arranged if your questions cannot easily be answered by e-mail.

Lessons are frequently added to the website and regularly updated.

You can pay for individual lessons or subscribe for three months. Subscribers will also get a Skype lesson toward the end of their subscription period in order to review their learning and to look at which areas of their playing that they need to work on.

Skype lessons can be arranged separately to electronic lessons or subscriptions.

Email info@guitar2guitar.com to get started!