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Home Guitar talk Improving As A Guitarist And Helping Others To Do The Same.

Improving As A Guitarist And Helping Others To Do The Same.

In September 2012 I left my career in the Civil Service and decided to start out as a full-time Guitarist and Music Tutor in schools and privately.  I have enjoyed the Guitar for over twenty years and I wanted to work in a job where I could spend time improving at something that I love as well as helping other people to enjoy it and get the most out of it too.

In the last school term, I have learned lots of lessons, both through being taught by my own mentor and my own experience of situations.  I will use this blog as a space for reflective learning so that important points are collected together for review both by me and other people also doing the same thing.  I want this blog to be a growing resource of useful information that can be collected together by theme and subject to help many people.  Comment and feedback are always useful and helpful!

I look forward to meeting many other people who are also working on self improvement, either as musicians or in another branch of the Humanities or Sciences!

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